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 Pressure Gauge


  Aichi Tokei Denki (VN, SU&SY, OF, OF-P, OF-WN_WP)
    Compact and excellent cost performance
    Outstanding reliability with no moving parts
    Suitable for use in machines
    Easy-to-check 2-color LED(status) indicator
As consumption of water has increased in recent years,
better water has been desired for long stable measurement
at high accuracy without any trouble. To respond to these
needs, Aichi has conducted our original research over and
over and has been successful in developing the world's first
electromagnetic water meter "SU Series" and "SY Series"
provide 8 year non-stop service with a built-in battery.
This is a new-era water meter suitable for water control
with its innovative durable performance
to expand the world of measurement.
    Excellent cost-performance
    Compact and lightweight
    Simple & durable structure
    High chemical resistance
    Reliable and durable
    Light and compact
    Built-in lithium batteries (No external power supply is
    Indications of both instantaneous flow-rate and integrating
       flow volume by only 1 flowmeter
    Revolving display unit (It can be fixed to a easy-to-read
    Simplified structure with the oval gears type measuring
    Measurement of various liquids
    Reset function for indications of Integrating Flow Volume
       (Total) and Integrating Flow Volume (Trip)

    Value holding function for Instantaneous Flow-Rate
    Pulse output function (Option)
    Combustion control of kerosene burners for efficient
       fuel control.
    Fuel consumption rate and 'remaining fuel' indicator for
       internal combustion systems.

    Flow control for chemical feeder systems.
    Flow measurement for liquid food and liquid cosmetic
    Nutating Disc Positive Displacement Disc Principle
    Ideal for Continuous Operation
    Change Gears for Positive Calibration
    Minimal Maintenance
    Compatible with Hundreds of Non-Acidic Liquids
      Coriolis mass flow custody transfer
      Custody transfer by mass measurement has arrived. The Actaris Coriolis
  Mass Flowmeter is Weights & Measures approved ofr custody transfer of fuels,
  refined petroleum products, LPG, jet fuel, solvents, anhydrous ammonia and   others. Weights & Measures approval of mass flow technology is a significant
  step forward for custody transfer metering. Mass flow measurement is not
  affected by changes in viscosity, density, temperature or pressure, as are
   volumetric measurement systems. This results in more accurate delivery under
  changing climatic or process conditions, Since there are no moving parts.
  There are no components to wear out or cause progressive inaccuracy.
  The new E4000 Electronic Register for truck mounted transaction monitoring
   and reporting, the DATAMATE2100 Mass Flow Computer and the NexGen
   SFT 100 Mass Flow Transmitter carry approvals.
    Our Inline meters can measure Steam, Gases or Liquids.
    Heavy Duty & Maintenance Free Design
    C&C Machined from one piece of solid stainless steel
    Absolutely NO o-rings or seals to wear or replace

    No leak paths
    No moving parts
    Sensors never touch process fluid
    No holes to clog

    Slim Meter Body Profile
    Machined Radiuses Enhance Signal Quality
    No pins or screws to corrode and rust

    Can handle process pressure over 1000 psig
    Can handle process temperature up to 450 F (standard)
       and 650 F (high temp)
    Industry standard two wire 4-20 mA output signals
    The same insertion meter can measure Steam, Gases or Liquids.
    Standardize on an insertion bar that can measure line sizes 2" - 48"
    Alignment arrow makes insertion probe alignment easy
    Heavy Duty & Maintenance Free Design
    Hot Tap 1 1/2" NPT Connection
    All parts are welded stainless steel construction
    No moving parts
    Sensors never touch process fluid
    No holes to clog
    No pins or screws to corrode and rust
    Can handle process pressure over 1000 psig
    Can handle process temperature up to 450F(standard) and 650F(high temp)
    Industry standard two wire 4-20 mA output signals
    Conductive fluids
    Small pipe applications (1"-12")
    Industrial processes

    Chemical metering pumps
    No moving parts
    Adjustable depth
    Hot-tap available
    Brass or stainless steel

    Immersibility available
    Reverse flow output available
    Low-friction, long-life jewel bearings
    One moving part
    Fully field-repairable
    Choice of materials for compatibility with variety of chemicals
    Fits 1/2" to 8" pipe
    Fixed depth in fitting ensures proper placement in pipe
    Wide flow range
    One moving part
    Hot tap available
    Modular electronics compatible
    Easily depth adjustable for 3-48" pipe
       The TX80 Series are turbine-type insertion meters designed for u se in pipe
 size 1-1/2" to 8". High-quality jewel bearings and nickel-bound tu ngsten  carbide shaft are used for maximum life and extreme low friction. Bodies  are machined from solid rod for maximu m precision. Low-flow  performance is su perior. Th e rotation of the rotor is detected by a
 non-drag Hall-effect sensor. Output is a pulse-type square wave, which
 can be sent long distances (up to 2,000 feet) without a transmitter.
    Wide flow range
    One moving part
   Hot tap available
   Modular electronics compatible
   Easily depth adjustable for 3-48" pipe
   High accuracy
   Excellent corrosion-resistant feature
   Complete pocketless structure
   Noise resisting structure
   Maintenance-free structure

   Chemical fluid resisting structure
   Display part, Output signal
   High accuracy
   High reliability and high durability

   Vibration and noise resisting structure
   Easy display switching

   Analog out put of two lines type
   Flow alarm
   Fail safe
   On line replaceable
     Wide measurement range and high accuracy Compared with other types of
   flowmeters, TOKICO turbine meter is much smaller and lighter and can
   measure accurately in very wide flow range. The high precision integrating
   accuracy of ±0.2% can be always maintained for dealings and ±0.5 % for    general purpose with excellent accuracy repeatability.
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