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       Fully Failsafe Disks
       Let us introduce you to the patented Oseco FAS disk, which never breaks
       too high no matter what you do to it. It always ruptures at or below your
       requested burst pressure. Overtorque it, undertorque it, damage it, install
       it improperly- it's still fully failsafe, regardless. When we say failsafe,
       we mean it.
          The Precision Reverse-Operating Rupture Disk is designed and
   manufactured for high performance and the most demanding rupture disk
   applications. The PRO+ is and excellent choice for isolation of safety relief
   valves, due to its high operating ratio and non-fragmenting design. This
   versatile disk is suited for a variety of applications with a broad range of burst
   pressures from 8 to 750 psig.
          The Graphite Replacement Rupture Disk is the ideal solution for
   low-pressure explosion prevention. The fluoropolymer-encapsulated GR
   series is excellent for corrosive applications, is non-fragmenting and
   non-torque-sensitive. This disk is easy to install, designed to fit standard
   ANSI flanges, and can also be supplied with a spacer on its vent side to
   provide interchangeability with existing monoblock graphite disk installations.
          The Metal Vent Reverse-Buckling Rupture Panel is designed and
    manufactured for high performance and the most demanding panel
    applicaions. The MVRB has a smooth surface to reduce process buildup
    and contamination and is ideal for hygienic and sanitary services.
    1. Standard valves
        REC --> Automatable sampling cock, flame sterilizable.

        REC --> Automatable sampling cock, with sterilizing fitting.
        REC/RES -->Tube section with sampling cock (machined body).
        REC/RES -->Sampling cock, syringe version.
        Actuator Normally Closed --> DN6, DN10, DN15.
        Actuator Normally Opened --> DN6.
        Membrane support with syringe fitting.
    2. Valves and special manual or automatic accessories
        Double butterfly safety valves with automatic leakage detection.

       Double tightness safety block and bleed valves with leakage detection.
       Single tightness safety block and bleed valves.
        Tank bottom membrane valve.
        In-line or angle-pattern flow regulating valves.
        In-line, modulating valves, sterilizable.
        Machined ball valves, sterilizable.
    3. Pigging and cleaning systems
       Pipe and hose cleaning systems :
       Pigs with interchangeable seals.

       In-line sterilizing departure and arrival stations.
       By-pass departure and arrival stations.
        Arrival station with automatic destination selection.
        Departure station with off-centered arrival.
        Mobile departure and arrival stations for container drainage.
    4. Equipments for tank, container, and miscellaneous
       Spring-loaded safety valves.

       Safety valves with counter-weight.
       Pressure valve, low pressure model (collected or non-collected exhaust).
        Micro pressure-relieve valve.
        Pressure-relieve device.
        Bursting graphite disc supports.
        Tank vents.
    5. Automated units and automatic systems
       Turn-key pigging system.

       Cyclical dosing.
       Single and double body automatic coupling devices.
        In-line mixing with proportion measure and control of finish Product set point.
        Mobile cleaning unit .
        Cleaning in place unit (CIP).
        Automatic pressurized tank cleaning.
    6. Carbonation, deaeration, and proportional injection
       Manual carbonation devices.

       Portable dissolved CO2 measuring device.
       Carbonation with automatic CO2 measure and regulation.
        OENOSAT type wine carbonation.
        Water deareation.
        Blending, mixing.
    7. Hoses, fittings, and miscellaneous
       Hoses with crimped connections without retention area.

       Piggable hoses.
       Fixed or mobile reels for hoses.
       DIN11851 connections, SMS, Clamp, BSP, elbows, tee junctions, reducers.
        Full flow piggable connection, metal/metal tightness.
        Heat protection for connectons.
        Anti-impact protection for connections.
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